Arjel - France's Igaming Regulatory Body

Online gaming and casinos is one of the world's favorite pastimes and ARGEL - France's iGaming regulatory body - seeks to encourage and regulate the booming popularity of gambling over the internet in France. The world of online gambling is a booming business industry and like any other booming industry, it is a very lucrative source of tax revenue. The French government seeks to capitalize on the popularity of online gambling by setting up the ARGEL - France's iGaming regulatory body - in order to issue online gaming licenses, monitor various criteria needed to maintain the license and prevent illegal online gaming operations from being accessible in France. ARGEL - France's iGaming regulatory body - stands for Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne.

ARGEL - France's iGaming regulatory body - sets certain criteria that all gaming operations seeking proper licensing must meet. These include proving their profitability (which effects their ability to pay the taxes they are subjected to), having a strong policy towards preventing underage gamblers from using their sites, obeying state guidelines regarding advertisement and marketing of casinos and other gambling operations, etc. There also needs to be a lot of transparency regarding ownership and subcontracting of the websites. In order for ARJEL to monitor these websites, they need to have a .fr site. In order to have a site with the .fr suffix they need to be hosted from servers physically located in France. This not only makes it easier for French gamblers to access these websites, it also makes it possible to prevent fraud or money laundering. French authorities can also shut the server down more easily if it violates any policies.

The exact casino games and events (such as horse racing) that may be bet on is defined by ARGEL - France's iGaming regulatory body, which seeks to promptly block or shut down any gambling operation that is not licensed by it.