10/4 Press Craps Bet

As a game of chance, there are no surefire ways to win at craps. Certain betting strategies can improve your chances though, like the 10/4 Press craps bet.

Advantages of the 10/4 Press Bet

There's only a one in six chance of rolling seven in craps so the opportunities to win big are very slim, especially for players only playing a few rounds. Over the course of 50 rolls, the outcomes may include two consecutive sevens or there may be no sevens at all. The 10/4 Press craps bet is the best strategy to maximize your chances of winning in short term sessions.

Why Does the 10/4 Press Bet Work?

While still unpredictable, the odds of rolling other numbers are much more favorable than the chance of rolling a seven. One way to maximize your chance of winning in craps is to bet on the point as well as the opposite point. For instance, if the roll is a five, the opposite point is nine because it's the total of the numbers on the opposite faces of the die. Ten and four are also opposite points.

How Does it Work?

Payouts for single number bets are 2:1 in craps, but the house edge is slightly higher than a 2-number Place bet. The 10/4 Place bet pays 9:5, so a $5 bet on 10 and 4 will pay $9 if either of the numbers are rolled. Choosing to Press the bet increases your wager, thus increasing your pay out amount and winnings as well. Be sure you're familiar with the basic rules of craps and the betting procedure.

The 10/4 Press craps bet is an excellent way to improve your winnings and is a preferred strategy among many experienced craps players.